Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's 6:43 a.m. here in New York. Yesterday, I did really well in restricting. I had a cup of black coffee, did exercises for 45 mins., ate 2 cups of watermelon, a cup of green tea, & for dinner ate 1 cup of mixed veggies with a steamed chicken breast. Before going to bed, I did another 45 mins. of exercises. Weighed myself this morning and actually lost a pound. Phew! What a relief. And no purging. I wish that I could have this much control every day. It is not easy. Right now I wanna eat some sugary cereal with soy milk sooo badly. But instead, I chugged some cold water from the bottle that I always have on my dresser. I try to fill up with water to kill the hunger pangs. Damn, it feels like I'm always hungry. But I will not give in! I will be strong and not succumb to the food!!! My mother offered to buy me a cell phone, since she never got around to giving me anything for my birthday. On Monday, she asked me if I wanted to pick it out then or wait for Wednesday. Well I didn't feel like going anywhere at the time, so I said, let's leave it for Wednesday. Yesterday, after my sister picked up her son & left, I was waiting for my mother to tell me, "let's go get your phone." But she said nothing about it & I stayed quiet. I am not going to beg her for a phone. So if she says nothing about it, I will wait til next Tuesday. I get money that day & will just buy the cell phone myself. I had said during the weekend, that I wanted to buy the Jack Lalane Deluxe Juicer. And last night, she ordered it for me from the QVC channel, 'cause she has a credit card. But I will be making the monthly payments on the juicer. I can't wait to get it. It should be here within a few days. Now I can do juice fasts & they'll never realize how little I will be eating. Let's hope that my plan works & maybe I will be able to lose the pounds even faster. Anyone have any tips or exercises for my tummy to go down? It's the part of my body that I really HATE right now!!!


  1. Oh how I want a juicer!! I have to wait until my birthday :( November...

    & I started doing pilates at home, I feel like it's made a difference for me. I do need to post a picture of me at 135 to see if it has really made any change, but right now I have a comparison shot of me at 180?(maybe more) & 138 on my blog, it's under the posts labeled pictures. I still struggle with my tummy too, but I'm working on it.

  2. Tri Thin, I have seen your pics & can tell that there is a great difference. Keep up the good work!