Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dental Disaster

I've not gone to sleep yet, so for me it is still Wednesday. It is 1:49 a.m., here in New York. I had a dental appointment. It was not too good. I have Peridontal Disease, which has caused my teeth to become loose. I'm sure that purging has not helped my teeth. Well the Dental hygenist had to do some probing of all teeth. This is done to know how deep the pockets are that surround each tooth. That process in itself was painful! Then she scraped the plaque off from my teeth. There was alot due to the fact that I hadn't had a proper cleaning in years. I have a clotting problem with my blood & dentists refused to touch me. I guess that they were scared that I would bleed to death while in their chair. Then the dental hygenist did the actual cleaning. Afterwards, she gave me a mirror so that I could look at my teeth. There was a huge difference. The bad thing is that my teeth hurt and my gums felt raw. Ouch!!! I have an appt. next month for teeth extraction. I also have to go in again oin July, for a deep scaling cleaning. That is a procedure where your gums are anesthesized and they go deep in your gums to deep clean the roots of your teeth. Yikes!!! I went home & tried to drink a cup of black coffee. My gums hurt too much, so I had to drink it with a straw. Went to buy some things (water pik, toothbrush, snacks for son), then came home. I decided not to eat solids due to pain in teeth & gums. Drank a yummy Slim-Fast shake (strawberries & cream-220 cals.) Did my exercise workout (about 45 mins.) Drank a juice box of cold green tea w/ginseng & honey (60 cals.) Dinner was a cream of broccoli soup (150 cals.) and a tall glass of Sprite Zero soda ( 0 cals.) I had an early breakfast of 3/4 cup of Special K cereal-Fruit & Yogurt (110 cals.) with 1 cup of Light Vanilla Soy milk (80 cals.) Total Cals. for the day= 652 cals. Not bad if I do say so myself. And 30 mins. before dinner, I drank a cup of laxative tea with 1 packet of 0 cal. sugar substitute. It did it's job 3 hrs. later. I hope that the scale will be kind to me tomorrow. I will be grateful if I at least lose 1 lb.

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